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TitleEuropean Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)
EditorEuropean Tropical Forest Research Network, The Tropenbos Foundation: Wageningen, NL <>
PublisherThe European Tropical Forest Research Network - The Tropenbos Foundation: Wageningen, NL <>
Country (State)Netherlands
Format of datatext/html
Keywordstropical forests; conservation; forests and woodlands; research
DescriptionThe ETFRN website contains a directory on European Institutions working in tropical and subt-tropical forest research. Its Network Services include a searchable on-line directory of European institutions involved in Tropical, Subtropical and Mediterranian Forest Research; a Question and Answer Service using a web form, and an international Calender of Events, also searchable, which include courses. A clickable map links to the web sites of National Focal Points in member countries. Links to other networks and major organizations are also provided, together with job and training opportunities. An on-line version of 'ETFRN News', a quarterly newsletter, is available for issues from December 1996 to date. A new feature has been added to the ETFRN site. Information on Non-Timber Forest Products can be accessed from one entry point.
Source TypeOrganizations and Societies
CABI ClassificationForestry, Forest Products and Agroforestry (General)
CABI CodeKK000
Temporal Coverage1996 - present
Accessfree; no restriction
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