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EditorInternational Timber Exchange: Timber.Org. Landshut, DE <>
PublisherInternational Timber Exchange - Timber.Org: DE <>
DistributorInternational Timber Exchange - Timber.Org: DE <>
LanguageEnglish; German; Italian; Spanish; Hungarian; Russian
Country (State)Germany
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Keywordswood; trade; timber agency; timber transport; tropical timber; forestry
DescriptionWith TimberSeek Search Engine, one can search the relevant product sectors of forest and wood. This site is an independant b2b-portal for timber and forestry worldwide. The web pages are preselected only from the wood and forestry sector. Therefore an efficient and comfortable way of searching is possible. Information to forestry software, construction timber, wooden products, Timber agents, sawmills, carpenters, associations etc. are available on this site.
Source TypeSource Materials; Data Collections
CABI ClassificationForest Products and Industries (General); Wood utilization and Engineered Wood Products
CABI CodeKK500; KK520
Temporal Coverage1996 - present
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional; commercial
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