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TitleOxford Forestry Institute (OFI)
PublisherOxford Forestry Institute - Department of Plant Sciences - University of Oxford: Oxford, GB <>
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Keywordsforest biotechnology; forestry courses; silviculture; tree improvement; forest genetics
DescriptionThe Oxford Forestry Institute has been fully incorporated into the Department of Plant Sciences. Research into forestry issues continues, as previously, in the areas of ecology, silviculture, sustainable management and biodiversity (genetics to taxonomy).Courses are offered in the Oxford Forestry Institute for forest science, forestry practice, application of forestry and applied sciences in forestry.Three databases, developed at the OFI, Prospect- The Wood Database, The Seed Manager and BRAHMS are online offered. The Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System are available as CD-ROM. Information to other activities like research, education and training and associated organzations are available at this site.
Source TypeUniversity Departments
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