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TitleThe Tree Register
PublisherThe Tree Register: Wootton, Bedford, GB <>
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Keywordsage of trees; forestry; mensuration; non-governmental organizations; trees; Great Britain; Ireland
DescriptionThe Tree Register is a UKcharity devoted to collating and updating a database of notable and ancient trees in Britain and Ireland. Listing over 125,000 trees in April 2000,it contains data from the original hand written records of the late and internationally acclaimed dendrologist Alan Mitchell, who founded the Register in 1988. The site includes instructions on measuring trees and a form for submission of details of specimens for inclusion. The full database is accesible online only to members, but a table of champion trees and a selection of historical data and photographs is included in the public sections. It provides information on the size and growth of trees which is not available from any other source.
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CABI CodeKK160; KK120
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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