Metadata: Russia and the Environment : Russia Eliminates Environmental Agency

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TitleRussia and the Environment : Russia Eliminates Environmental Agency
EditorRussian NGO'S Forest Club: Moscow, RU <>
DistributorRussian NGO's Forest Club: Moscow, RU <>
LanguageEnglish; Russian
Country (State)Russian Federation
Format of datatext/html
Keywordsenvironment; forest service; resources exploitation; Russian Federation
DescriptionThis website contain the information that both Russian Environmental Protection Committee and Federal Forest Service have been eliminated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 17th May, 2000. This is a clear interests conflict situation since the Natural Resources Ministry is interested in resources exploitation and not in any environmental limitations. There are several english language publications and recent related events on this issue available on this site.
Source TypeLists of Government Reports
CABI ClassificationSilviculture and Forest Management; Forests and Forest Trees (Biology and Ecology)
CABI CodeKK110; KK100
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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