Metadata: Dendrome : A Forest Tree Genome Database

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TitleDendrome : A Forest Tree Genome Database
PublisherInstitute of Forest Genetics - Forest Service Research Unit - University of California: Davis, US (CA)
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Keywordsgenome; genes; trees; databases; genetics
DescriptionThe Dendrome Project is a subject gateway to resources in forest genetics and biotechnology. Aimed in particular at the forest genetics community, this resource provides access to the primary genome database of Dendrome, TreeGenes, an AceDB style database. A variety of resources are accessible from the home page, and these include genome resources, a what's new section, newsletters, employment and fellowship opportunities, meetings and educational courses and links to other web sites focusing on forest genetics. The Dendrome project also maintains the IUFRO World Directory of Forest Geneticists and Tree Breeders, which is searchable by either name or speciality. Dendrome is a project of the Institute of Forest Genetics, a research unit which is devoted to forest genetics research.
USDA Center for Bioinformatics and Comparitive Genomics, Cornell University
Source Type(Current) Research Projects
CABI CodeKK100
Temporal Coverage1991 -
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate - professional
NotesTwo Newsletters are available electronically on the Dendrome website.
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