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TitleCenter for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS)
PublisherThe Center for Tropical Forest Science: Washington, US (DC)
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Keywordsforestry; rain forests; tropics; research institutes; USA; forest inventories
DescriptionCTFS represents a voluntary consortium of forestry agencies, universities, research institutes and non- governmental organizations around the world, each managing or involved in one or more Forest Dynamics Plot programme. The multi-institutional network comprises more than thirty forest research plots across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe, with a strong focus on tropical regions. CTFS monitors the growth and survival of approximately 3.5 million trees and 7,500 species.
The mission of the CTFS is listed as 1) to help us understand how tropical forests respond to human activity and 2) to provide a sound scientific basis for relevant forest management and policy decisions. Details of CTFS research agenda and programmes given.
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Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate - professional
NotesContains the CTFS newsletter 'Inside CTFS' and a bibliography. Includes Barro Colorado Island (BCI) 50 hectare Forestry Dynamics Plot Data.
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