Metadata: Information System on Genetic Resources (GENRES)

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TitleInformation System on Genetic Resources (GENRES)
PublisherGerman Centre for Documentation and Information in Agriculture (ZADI) - Information Centre for Genetic Resources: Bonn, DE
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Keywordsdiffusion of information; animal genetic resources; plant genetic resources; forestry; Germany
DescriptionGENRES is an information service of the Information Centre Genetic Resources (IGR), which in turn is a Department of the German Centre for Documentation and Information in Agriculture (ZADI). Information is provided on the IGR, its aims, projects and activities. IGR databases can be accessed online and include, central crop databases, AGRDEU Living Aquatic Resources in Germany, and PGRDEU - Ex situ - Collections of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. GENRES provides information on German, European and International activities on conservation and the sustainable use of genetic resources, for food, agriculture and forestry. The information available relates to cultivated and wild plants, forest plants, domestic animals, aquatic resources, microorganisms, and the policy framework.
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CABI CodeKK000; KK600
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