Metadata: ForestWorld : The Sustainable Forest Products Resource

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TitleForestWorld : The Sustainable Forest Products Resource
PublisherForestWorld: Middlebury, US (VT)
DistributorForestWorld: Middlebury, US (VT) <>
Country (State)United States of America
Format of datatext/html
Keywordsforestry; forest products industries; certification; United States of America
DescriptionA commercial site that provides access to forestry-related web resources and information. Topics covered include: NewsCenter - headlines, articles, events; Certification and Sustainability - including details of different certification systems and a database of certified products and suppliers; resources for the Forest Industry - databases for Forestry, Logging, and Sawmilling, and a units converter, plus extension and outreach information relating to North America; a free trial version of the "Woods of the World" database, statistical data presented by country; a photo gallery; and a listing of forest industry related web sites. The facility to add data is available for most of the databases. A limited amount of advertising is carried, and a classified advertisement section covers products and jobs.
Source TypeCommercial Provider
CABI ClassificationForest Products and Industries (General); Logging and Wood Processing
CABI CodeKK500; KK515
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
Backlinksabout 500
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