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TitleForest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC)
PublisherForest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC): Pointe-Claire, CA (QC)
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Keywordsforest management; forestry engineering; logging; research institutes; Canada
DescriptionResearch at FERIC focuses on the following areas; wood harvesting, transportation and roads, silvicultural operations, small-scale operations, engineering design/specialised technologies and technology transfer. This site provides details and aims of the current year's work programme along with links to FERIC publications, including the FERIC annual report.The publications page includes access to "REFS", the electronic version of FERIC's publications list - a self-contained database of all FERIC reports published since 1975 in English and French. REFS has its own search utility and operates on computers that use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Brief details of FERIC's Western and Eastern Divisions is available, and focus on events and publications. A comprehensive list of contacts given.
Source TypeOrganizations and Societies
CABI CodeKK520; KK515; KK110
Accessfree; no restriction
NotesFERIC's Online Reports are restricted for registered members and partners.
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