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TitleForest Policy and Environment Group (FPEG)
PublisherOverseas Development Institute (ODI): London, GB <>
DistributorOverseas Development Institute: London, GB <>
LanguageEnglish; French; Spanish
Country (State)United Kingdom (UK)
Format of datatext/html
Keywordsforest policy; forest management; sustainability; forest resources; environmental policy; non-governmental organizations
DescriptionOfficial website of the FPEG of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), which focuses on the institutional, policy and socioeconomic aspects of sustainable forest management and conservation, emphasising the need fore more livelihood-oriented approach to forest conservation. Information is given on FPEG, its aims, activities, staff and publications.The series of all rural development Forestry Network papers from 1985 onwards is now available here in English, French and Spanish.The first selection of papers from the Grey Literature library is now available to download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Summaries of these papers, on the theme of Fuelwood, are also available in English, French and Spanish. European Union Tropical Forestry Papers (EUTFP) -a new series of papers on topics of current forestry policy interest, funded by the European Commission- can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Source TypeOrganizations and Societies
CABI ClassificationAgroforestry and Multipurpose Trees
CABI CodeKK600
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
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