Metadata: World Wide Wood Network ( : Connecting the Wood Products Industry

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TitleWorld Wide Wood Network ( : Connecting the Wood Products Industry
PublisherWorld Wide Wood Network, Ltd.: Yelm, US (WA) <>
DistributorWorld Wide Wood Network, Ltd.: Yelm, US (WA)
Country (State)United States of America
Format of datatext/html; image/gif; image/jpg
Keywordswood products; trading; woodworking; engineeered wood; lumber; pulp; plywood and panel; equipments; machinery; industrial supplies
DescriptionOfficial website of the, a privately owned company with trading exchange facilities and with focus on North American softwood industry.Through their electronic trading network and W3Net Solutions, they are networking the global Wood Products Industry. The latest industry news and upcoming events, classified advertisements and directory listings of companies and wood product industries can be browsed or searched. Subscribers of are only authorized to use the Trading Floor site. Advertisements of jobs, equipment, and business opportunities can be placed or viewed at this site.
Source TypeCommercial Provider
CABI ClassificationWood Utilization and Engineered Wood Products; Chemical and Biological Processing of Wood; Wood Properties, Damage and Preservation
CABI CodeKK520; KK530; KK510
Accessfree; no restriction
Notesremarks: Access to the services of are limited to the subscribers, who are buyers and sellers of wood products, engineers, architects or designers etc.
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