Metadata: The Royal Forestry Society of of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (RFS)

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TitleThe Royal Forestry Society of of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (RFS)
PublisherThe Royal Forestry Society for England, Wales and Northern Ireland: Tring, Hertfordshire, GB
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Keywordsforestry; professinal organisations; trees; Great Britain
Description"Though based in the UK, the socitey has members in the Republic of Ireland and in some twenty overseas countries. The RFS provides opportunities for everyone to extend their knowledge and appreciation of trees and woodlands". Site includes details of qualifications in arboriculture awarded by the Society, awards offered and forthcoming meetings and tours. The 'Tree Collection' offers illustrated descriptions of some 14 native British tree species. "Grants, Loans, Sponsorship and Advice on Trees and Woodlands in the UK" summarises current information. An order form for Society merchandise is provided, and contents lists for the Society's journal, the Quarterly Journal of Forestry. An off-line search service is available for Journal issues back to 1980.
Source TypeOrganizations and Societies
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