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TitleRoyal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS)
PublisherRoyal Scottish Forestry Society: Dumfriesshire, GB <>
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Keywordsprofessional associations; forestry; forest policy; Scotland
DescriptionIllustrated with colour photographs, the site describes the Society's continuing aim in increasing Scotland's woodland by encouraging the expansion of privately and nationally owned woods and forests. The RSFS has played a pivotal role in developing Scotland's national forest policy and in establishing a Forestry Department at Edinburgh University. Details of RSFS events, Council structure, the Society' s financial position, contact names and email addresses for Society headquarters and the six regional groups, specialist groups such as the "Trees, Woods and People" group, categories and cost of membership, and forestry-related events in both the UKand overseas are avilable here. There is an online application form for joining the Society. The Society' s journal "Scottish Forestry" completes the site.
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