Metadata: Potentials for Forest Protection to 2050

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TitlePotentials for Forest Protection to 2050
AuthorVictor, D. G. <> (Council on Foreign Relations, New York, US (NY))
Ausubel, J. H. (Council on Foreign Relations, New York, US (NY))
PublisherCouncil on Foreign Relations: New York, US (NY) <>
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Keywordsbiodiversity; carbon sequestration; water catchments; forest products; forests
DescriptionThis website provides details of a multidisciplinary research project to identify the technical potential for protecting forests around the world over the next half century. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is managing this exploratory project and working collaboratively with the World Bank and its Alliance with the World Wide Fund for Nature on forest protection.The site contains the summary of the Great Restoration project - "Restoring the Forests", Project overview, Overview of Phase I Research and PDF versions of the papers of the project meeting held in January 2000, which can be downloaded with the latest Free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.
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