Metadata: CRYPTOS System ( Cooperative Redwood Yield Output Simulator)

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TitleCRYPTOS System ( Cooperative Redwood Yield Output Simulator)
AuthorWensel, L. C. (Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, University of California: Berkeley, US (CA))
PublisherWensel, L. C. <>
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Keywordsforest stand; timber; yield; growth cycle; mortality; ingrowth; management planning
DescriptionCRYPTOS is an inter-active computer program designed to simulate growth and yield of redwood and Douglas-fir forest stands found in the north coastal region of California.The CRYPTOS system consists of the following three computer programs: GENR, Compare, YDAVG and SDAVG . SDAVG program for example was written for the sole purpose of obtaining diameter distributions, stand profiles, and stand and stock tables for a composite stand description. Users' Guide and description of each and other programmes are available at this site. The CRYPTOS program can be applied to real or imagined forest stands of any size/age composition.
Source TypeSoftware and Expert Systems
CABI CodeKK120; KK110
Accessfree; no restriction
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