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TitleForest and Range Management Institute
PublisherIstituto Sperimentale per L'Assestamento Forestale e per L' Alpicoltura (ISAFA): IT <>
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Keywordsforest management; range management; geographical information systems; medicinal plants; Italy
DescriptionThe Forest and Range Management Research Institute, or the Istituto Sperimentale per L'Assestamento Forestale e per L'Alpicoltura (ISAFA), is based in Italy. Information is available from the English- language version of the site about the following research areas: GIS (Geographic Information Systems), GPS (Global Positioning Systems), forest recreation, artificial neural networks, medicinal and aromatic plants, sustainable forest management, pastures, biodiversity and forest inventory. Details are also available about the IPPO project which aims to increase medicinal and aromatic plant production in Italy. Lists of titles are available for publications from ISAFA, including Research Reports and Annals (with abstracts in English), Italian Forest National Inventory Issues, volume and stand tables and proceedings of various meetings.
Source TypeResearch Institutes
CABI CodeKK120; KK540
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
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