Metadata: Kungl. Skogs- och Lantbruksakademiens bibliotek (KSLAB)

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TitleKungl. Skogs- och Lantbruksakademiens bibliotek (KSLAB)
PublisherThe Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA): Stockholm, SE <>
Format of datatext/html
Keywordsforestry; agriculture; history; libraries; Sweden
DescriptionThe Library of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLAB) specialises in the history of agriculture and forestry, and serves members of the Academy and the scientific community in general. A bibliography of materials compiled by the Librarian and held by the Library on forest history and the history of forestry in Europe (except the Nordic countries) and North America can be viewed in English. In addition, the holdings of the Library and a collection of full-text articles in English can be accessed online. A list of articles can also be searched in Swedish.
Source TypeLibraries
CABI CodeKK100
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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