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TitleMinistry of Environment and Forests - Government of India
PublisherMinistry of Environment and Forests - Government of India: New Delhi, IN
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Keywordsforests; environment; protection, conservation; India
DescriptionMain site of the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests which hosts several sub-sites including the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit conference of 2002, the Joint Forest Management Programme (a project to involve local people in forest management), 12 autonomous agencies of MoEF, and the Environment and Forests Informatics Division of National Informatics Center (EFIDNIC), which is closely associated with MoEF in Delhi. Information is also included about the NGOs, current events, news, officers of the MoEF, and its organisational structure. Searchable databases on hazardous wastes, forestry, air and water quality, wastelands and Indian zoos are accessible at the site. Access is also given to Paryavaran Abstracts which are available online from issue 11(3-4) 1994 and also the annual report 2002- 2003.
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