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TitleFaculty of Forestry - SLU
PublisherFaculty of Forestry - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Umeå, SE
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Keywordsforestry; universities; departments; agriculture; Sweden
Description" This website is part of a three-volume work that contains accounts of nearly 250 major sites for conservation of plant diversity worldwide. Volume 1 covers Europe, the Atlantic Islands, Africa and the islands of the Western Indian Ocean, South West Asia and the Middle East. Volume 2 is concerned with the rest of Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Volume 3, whose web version is presented here, deals with the Americas, and contains six sites in North America, 20 in Middle America, 46 in South America, and three in the Caribbean". Table of contents provides the different regions with maps and data sheets.
Source TypeResearch Institutes
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Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
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