Metadata: FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment Programme (FRA)

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TitleFAO Global Forest Resources Assessment Programme (FRA)
PublisherForest Resource Assessment - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Rome, IT
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Keywordsforestry; forests; forest statistics; forest inventories; resources management
DescriptionFAO's Forest Resources Assessment Programme (FRA) reports regularly on the state of the world's forest resources. The results of FRA 2000 are presented on this site. The process comprised an assessment based on existing information; a remote sensing survey; and special studies on various aspects of the interaction between people and forests. Outputs comprise printed reports and this web site in the form of country profiles, synthesis reports and global maps. Tables in pdf format include Basic country data; Information status; Forest cover 2000; Forest cover change; Forest Cover-Latest state; Plantations; Volume & Biomass; Fires; Management Removals; Comparison of forest management areas; and Non-wood forest products. Country profiles are created dynamically from a database and include comprehensive information and links. Also included are definitions of terms as used by FAO, global maps, and pdf versions of all publications procued by the Programme.
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