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TitleForest Research Institute : Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)
PublisherForest Research Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) - Forest Research Institute: Sofia, BG <>
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KeywordsBalkans; research institute; forest ecology; forest ecosystems; sustainable development
DescriptionThe site for the Forest Research Institute (FRI), an independent research organisation wiithin the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is "entrusted with fundamental and applied research in the field of ecology, preservation of the forest flora and fauna, the structure and functioning of forest ecosystems, the reproduction of forests and sustainable development." The site offers information on the structure and history of the FRI, and details of the Third (or current) Balkan Scientific Conference, which is co-organised by IUFRO, FRI and other Balkan institutes.
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CABI CodeKK100; KK140
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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