Metadata: Rara Avis : a Costa Rican rainforest experience

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TitleRara Avis : a Costa Rican rainforest experience
PublisherRara Avis: CR <>
DistributorRara Avis and BXI Inc.: CR <>
Country (State)Costa Rica
Format of datatext/html; image/gif
Keywordsconservation; rainforests; birds; biological conservation; Costa Rica
DescriptionA visual tour of the Rara Avis rainforest, presenting the opportunity to learn about the Rara Avis rainforest conservation project and to discover some of the forest's precious animals and plants. Birdwatchers can also find out about the bird watching opportunities Costa Rica has to offer and obtain a printable checklist of birds, together with more general information about the country itself - its climate, regions and travel information. Rara Avis is a rainforest reserve created to demonstrate how well-planned commercial rainforest conservation projects allow the safe use of natural resources in a profitable way.
There is a mirror site in Canada
Source Type(Current) Research Projects
CABI ClassificationSilviculture and Forest Management; Agroforestry and Multipurpose Trees
CABI CodeKK110; KK600
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelpoular; undergraduate; graduate; professional
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