Metadata: European Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre (EUFORIC)

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TitleEuropean Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre (EUFORIC)
PublisherEuropean Forest Institute (EFI): Joensuu, FI <>
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Keywordsresearch; Europe; urban forestry; IUFRO
DescriptionHomepage of EUFORIC, an European Forest Institute Regional Project Centre, led by a consortium of the the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and the University of Florence. The aims of EUFORIC are to coordinate and facilitate urban forestry research and development. The Web site presents news on urban forestry research, details of events, conferences, publications, research and education projects. Other interesting details are; information about the IUFRO Working group on urban forestry, and a database of addresses - Experts of COST Action E12 'Urban Forests and Trees'.
Source Type(Current) Research Projects
CABI CodeKK600; KK150
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
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