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TitleThe Sustainable Development Reference Link
PublisherGrand River Informatics (GRI): Fergus, CA (ON) <>
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Keywordsagriculture; forestry; natural resources; fisheries; Developing Countries; sustainability
DescriptionThe Sustainable Development Reference Link provides links to Internet resources in many subject areas, including agriculture and natural resources. The link is provided by GRI, "an international consulting firm specializing in information technology solutions for developing countries", with the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Programme and the Information for Development Program of The World Bank. For each subject area up to six different types of resource links are provided; data sources, integrated models, organizations, reference, software, and training. This site has a total of over 3000 annotated links, with almost 700 in the agriculture and natural resources sector. The agriculture and natural resources subject area includes agriculture, economics/marketing, fisheries, forestry, game, general, livestock, and minerals as subdivisions.
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CABI CodeKK000; KK100; KK110
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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