Metadata: ForestEthics : Protection of the World's Endangered Forests

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TitleForestEthics : Protection of the World's Endangered Forests
PublisherForestEthics: San Francisco, US (CA) <>
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Keywordsenvironmental protection; endangered species; marketing; forests; conservation
DescriptionActivities of this environmental activist organization, dedicated to "protecting all endangered forests by redirecting US markets toward ecologically sound alternatives" are described at this site. One of the major reports that can be read at the site, "Endangered forests: priority high conservation value forests for protection guidance for corporate commitments" prepared by the Forest Leadership Forum in Atlanta, is available in PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader. It contains a glossary of terms. An extensive up-to-date report on British Columbia's endangered forests is also presented and can be downloaded in separate HTML chapters, or in its entirety in PDF. Information is given about various green campaigns.
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CABI CodeKK140; KK100
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Levelundergraduate; gradauate; professional
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