Metadata: Biodiversity Bibliography: Ecology, Economics and Policy

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TitleBiodiversity Bibliography: Ecology, Economics and Policy
PublisherUniversity of Minnesota: Twin Cities, US (MN) <>
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Keywordsenvironmental ethics; forest conservation; climatic changes; ecology; landscape ecology; biological diversity; nature conservation; ecotourism;endangered species
Description"This bibliography contains approximately 4,000 references on various aspects of biodiversity and conservation...Certain areas...are well covered (e.g., various aspects of economics, reserve site selection) while other topics are not." References have been categorised into 37 subjects including: climate change; diversity and ecosystem function; exotic species and extinctions. References in each category can be downloaded as a PDF file using Acrobat Reader. Entries in the bibliography can be searched using a general word search and an advanced search is also available. Recent articles include abstracts. Suggestions for additions to the bibliography are welcomed.
Source TypeCurrent Bibliographic and Abstracting Series
CABI CodeKK100; KK110
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