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TitleNational Gap Analysis Program
PublisherGAP Analysis Program - USGS: Moscow, US (ID) <>
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Keywordsgap analysis; biodiversity; nature mapping; conservation biology
Description"The mission of the Gap Analysis Program (GAP) is to provide regional assessments of the conservation status of native vertebrate species and natural land cover types and to facilitate the application of this information to land management activities". Gap Analysis uses three primary data layers - distribution of vegetation types, land ownership and distribution of terrestrial vertebrates - to form an indication of the level of biodiversity protection offered in an area. This site provides an introduction to the Gap Analysis Program, information on projects using this technique, examples of its application and details of associated products. Additional resources include online abstracts and articles on all aspects of GAP analysis, plus posters and abstracts from recent conferences.
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CABI CodeKK100; KK110
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