Metadata: Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems (PAGE): Forest Ecosystems

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TitlePilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems (PAGE): Forest Ecosystems
AuthorMatthews, E. (World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, US (DC))
Payne, R. (World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, US (DC))
Rohweder, M. (World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, US (DC))
Murray, S. (World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, US (DC))
PublisherWorld Resources Institute (WRI): Washington, US (DC) <>
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Keywordsland use; forest decline; sustainability; fuelwood; carbon sequestration; forest ecology; ecosystems
DescriptionThis report uses an "integrated assessment approach" to evaluate the state of the ecosystem by "examining the condition of a range of goods and services these ecosystems produce", looking at the current level of production as well as the potential for sustainability in current patterns of use. The report looks at forests in history, forest extent and change, industrial roundwood, woodfuels, biodiversity, carbon storage and sequestration, and watershed protection. The full report can be downloaded, or each section is available to download in PDF, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
ISSN/ISBNISBN: 1-56973-459-3
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