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TitleBiodiversity Hotspots : Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
PublisherConservation International: Washington, US (DC) <>
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Keywordsbiodiversity hotspots; conservation; human impacts; ecosystem; Sri Lanka; Western Ghats
DescriptionThis website presents the conservation action to be taken in the Western Ghats and Sri Lanka forests. Although the two forest blocks are separated by some 400 kilometers of land and water, they are similar enough that they have been grouped into a single hotspot.The forests of Western Ghats and Sri Lanka have been selectively logged and highly fragmented throughout their entire range. Much of the remaining forest cover consists of timber plantations or disturbed secondary growth. Only 7.5 percent of the original forest cover still stands in a more or less pristine state. A list of threatend species and a hotspot map can be accessed here in PDF -Format requiring Adobe- Acrobat Reader.
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