Metadata: First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP)

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TitleFirst Nations Forestry Program (FNFP)
PublisherNatural Resources Canada and Government of Canada: Ottawa, CA (ON)
DistributorNatural Resources Canada and Government of Canada: Ottawa, CA (ON)
LanguageEnglish; French
Country (State)Canada
Format of datatext/html
KeywordsFirst Nations; First Nation Communities; sustainable forest management; community employment; traditional knowledge; Canada
Description" The First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP) is a partnership program between First Nations and the Government of Canada. The purpose of the program is to improve economic conditions in status First Nation communities with full consideration of the principles of sustainable forest management. The website provides participating First Nations and other interested individuals with detailed information about the program and other useful information."Access to online Newsletters and publications are offered and projects planned are described at this site.
Source TypeOfficial Governmental Server
CABI ClassificationAgroforestry and Multipurpose Trees
CABI CodeKK600
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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