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TitleForestry Insights : The Ultimate New Zealand Forestry Industry Resource
PublisherForestry Insights: Newmarket, Auckland, NZ <>
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Keywordsforest soils; forest plantations; forest trees; forest products industries; New Zealand
DescriptionThis Web resource provides information on indigenous and sustainable plantation forestry in New Zealand, including information on harvesting, tree breeding and cloning, biosecurity, and the different types of natural forest. The site provides an overview of the main facts and statistics about forests in New Zealand, and information on the trees, soil and water, and forest ecology; information on forest birds and insects, including illustrations, photos, and sound clips of selected bird song,available as MP3's, requiring an MP3 player. Information is also provided on the forestry industry, the processing of trees, the production of wood-based products, and the marketing of these products, both domestically and for export.
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