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TitleThe Pan-European Forest Certification Council (PEFCC)
PublisherThe Pan European Forest Certification Council (PEFCC): Paris, FR <>
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Keywordsforest certification; sustainable forest management ; organisations
DescriptionThe PEFC Council, the world's largest forest certification umbrella organization for promoting the independent third party certification of sustainable management of forests has expanded well beyond the borders of Europe. Eight new independent national forest certification schemes from Asia, Australia, South America and Europe joined the nineteen existing member schemes from Europe and North America at the PEFC Council General Assembly in Luxembourg on November 22, 2002. The new member countries are: Australia; Brazil; Chile; Estonia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Slovak Republic. To date, the PEFC Council has endorsed 13 schemes, which account for over 44 million hectares of certified sustainably managed forests.This is by far the largest area of certified forest world-wide recognized by an independent body.
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