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TitleInternational Forestry Home Page : USDA Forest Service International Programs
PublisherUSDA Forest Service International Programs: Washington, US (DC)
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Keywordsforestry policies; international cooperation; United States
DescriptionThe US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service International Programs "promotes sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation internationally". This is achieved through "linking the skills of the field-based staff of the USDA Forest Service with partners overseas". The staff comprises wildlife biologists, forest economists, hydrologists, disaster and fire management specialists, and policy makers. The site describes how the USDA Forest Service provides technical expertise worldwide, its involvement with policy and international organisations, and learning resources for students and children. Information is also available about forthcoming events and news, as well as program topics and international seminars. The activities of two related organisations are also included on this site: the Disaster Assistance Support Program (DASP) and the North American Forest Commission (NAFC). The full-text of the Newsletter of the International Programs is accessible online for free.
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