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TitleVirtual Library of Wood Processing Technology
PublisherHelsinki University of Technology Library: Helsinki, FI <>
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Keywordspulping; information services; woodworking; sawmilling; wood; wood chemical industry
DescriptionThe Virtual Library of Wood Processing Technology is a catalogue of Internet resources in the field of wood processing technology, and is hosted by the library of Helsinki University of Technology. It is divided into chemical wood processing (including pulping) and mechanical wood processing. In each section links are grouped according to type of material including organisations, journals, books, conferences, maps, images, databases, newsgroups and mailing lists. The links are annotated in Finnish, and many of them link to Finnish-language Web sites, although some are sites in English.
Source TypeSpecial Subject Virtual Libraries
CABI CodeKK530
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelgraduate; professional
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