Metadata: Crossdating Tree Rings Using Skeleton Plotting

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TitleCrossdating Tree Rings Using Skeleton Plotting
AuthorSheppard, P. R. (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, The University of Arizona, Tucson, US (AZ))
PublisherLaboratory of Tree-Ring Research - The University of Arizona: Tucson, US (AZ) <>
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Keywordspattern matching; skeleton plotting; tree rings; ring growth
DescriptionThis website provides information about dendrochronological crossdating using skeleton plotting. By this method of crossdating, dendrochronologists can estimate the true year of formation for every ring of each sample, analyze past environmental and/or human events. Applications in dendrochronology include: a. Ecology: insect outbreaks, forest stand structure, past fires,b. Climatology: past droughts or cold periods c. Geology: past earthquakes, volcanic eruptions d. Anthropology: past construction, habitation, and abandonment of societies. There are 13 inter-linked explanatory web pages, all of which can be used to try or demonstrate the skeleton plotting method in classrooms.
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