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TitleResearch Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
PublisherResearch Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO): Belgium (B) <>
LanguageDutch; English
Country (State)Belgium
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Keywordsforest conservation; development; management; sustainability; biodiversity
DescriptionThe Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) is a scientific institute of the Flemish Government in Belgium. The INBO carries out research that is essential to governmental policy and provides scientific support for conservation, development, management and sustainable use of biodiversity and its environment. You will find all information concerning their research and their failities on these pages. There are also links to related institutes and organisations and portals.The Research Institute for Nature and Forest publishes many scientific and policy related reports every year. Most of them are in Dutch, but an English abstract is often available. You can download the documents from the Dutch part of their website
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CABI ClassificationForestry, Forest Products and Agroforestry (General); Silviculture and Forest Management
CABI CodeKK000; KK110
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate - professional
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